Professional Silver Jewelry Cleaning & Polishing Cloth 8" x 10"

Item Number : DBbadasscloth8x10

Item Number: DBbadasscloth8x10

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We are proud to offer our customers the quickest, easiest, and safest cleaning solution for our Silver Jewelry! Many of our customers have asked us if we offer any cleaning solutions, and we always recommend our Silver Polish Cloth!

This Silver Polish Cloth will remove all tarnish, oxidation, oil, and dirt, and it will even remove some light scratches and return to its beaming luminosity! The Silver Polish Cloth includes two different cloths for the best effect!

First, use the white layer to remove effectively remove tarnish and dirt. Then use the very soft outer grey cloth to buff the silver into its brilliant shine once, again!

Now enjoy road again, you look like a badass!

Note: This chemically treated cloth should not be used on the following items: emerald, ivory, lapis lazuli, amber, coral, opal, pearls, malachite, 24 carat gold or turquoise.

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