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Stainless Steel Very Thick Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Absolutely beautiful!! I bought it for my 72nd birthday. I have wanted one for years. Don't know why I waited so long!!

Sterling Silver Ladies Skull Biker Ring
Susan Hanmore (Hayward, US)

Sterling Silver Ladies Skull Biker Ring

Ring Finger Sizer
Not Me (Winston-Salem, US)
Are You Fucking Idiots?

This is the fourth time I have told you:
I NEVER ordered anything from you.
I NEVER paid for anything from you.
I NEVER received anything from you.
You KEEP sending me requests for reviews.
So, given that, I review that you are all MORONS!

Stainless Steel FTW Finger Ring
Not Me (Winston-Salem, US)
Are You Fuckin Crazy

I never ordered this shit.
You never delivered this shit.
I keep telling you that you have the wrong person, but you are clearly too stupid to figure that out.

Love the necklace

Love the feel and look of the necklace.

Badass T-shirt
David Hall (Whiteside, AU)

Badass T-shirt

Stainless steel cracked head skull

Nice masculine necklace I wish I had gotten the 26 inch one. Still happy though. JD

Till Death Do Us Part

I love the woman holding the Skull. I'm getting married in the near future and this ring is not only beautiful; it's appropriate.

Skull Pendant
Jacquelyn Harper (Queens, US)
I love the company and love their jewelry

All I can say is when you can't afford the jewelry at the Harley store, I always manage to find and get great pieces through Badass Jeweley store. Delivery is fast and prices are awesome !!!

Sterling Silver Head Shots Skull Ring
Sam Wiederspan (Seattle, US)
Quality Product Great Design

I really love my ring fits perfect, quality design and materials. I would recommend Badass Jewelry to everyone.

Sterling Garden Skull Ring Blue CZ Eyes
Tomas Wittelsbach (Beaverton, US)
its a beautiful knock off my piece

its amazing you actually claim to design these pieces, every piece you sell is theft and takes money from my and the other artist work you rip-off's pockets.

congratulations on your success

Badass T-shirt
Not Me (Winston-Salem, US)

Badass T-shirt

You Have a Wrong Number!

I never ordered anything from you.
I never paid for anything from you.
I never received anything from you.
You have the WRONG PERSON!!!

Wrong Name & Address

I don't know what your issue is, but I never ordered anything from you people, and I never received anything.
Better check your customer records.

Sterling Silver Isis Egyptian Cross Pendant
Brandon Fabiankovitz (Enola, US)
Egyptian cross pendant

Truthfully I wasn't that Happy about it, But I Sometimes Dont make a Big Fuss about things ! Not that Anyone Would Notice That, lol ! But I'm not one to send things Back I'll use it some where! I thought it was a little bigger like an inch an half or two inches. Do you make it in a bigger size? Cause I would be interested if So ! Other than that it was a Beautiful piece!

Sterling Silver Fang Skull Ring
Mario De La Garza (Austin, US)
BADASS JEWELRY did it again! !!

This isn't the first time I order from these guys....never disappoint , my skull fang ring came in, looks Badass and has an awesome weight to it...

Other sizes

Hmmmm I guess they don't offer the other sizes anymore.

Stainless Steel Flower Etched Curb Bracelet
Alan Kraemer (Los Angeles, US)

Stainless Steel Flower Etched Curb Bracelet

Sterling Silver Exotic Skull Ring with CZ Eyes
Damien August (Wilmington, US)

The ring is awesome fitz well looks great album oh, I think this is my third ring I bought from you guys you gave away a free shirt to me and I ordered a 2x or 3x and you gave me a large can you send me a 2X please thank you

Very nic

Like your service, fits my necklave

Stainless Steel Skull Links Bracelet
Louis Goglia (Stockbridge, US)
Clasp Can Be Adjusted

Great bracelet. Just put a slight arc to the clasp that you insert into its holder clasp. It works great. That will keep it secure. Pulling up on clasp is not the fix. Arc the clasp. Try it and you will see what I talking about. Good luck.

Sterling Silver Pink Plumeria Flower Ring
Poliana Antunes (Maring√°, BR)
my product hasn't arrived yet.

my product hasn't arrived yet.

Best bracelet ever

I've had two of these bracelets even to this day as I write this and they've been on my wrist and I've never taken them off durability perfect they will last get compliments all the time from everybody even the people that are not bikers

Stainless Steel Skull Pendant
Larry Westermeyer (Superior, US)
Stainless steel bracelet clasp too weak to lock

Stainless steel bracelet clasp made in somewhere???

Badass T-shirt
Scotty Craft (Raymond, US)
T shirt

It was free, and fits perfectly