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Stainless Steel Flower Etched Curb Bracelet
Alan Kraemer (Los Angeles, US)

Stainless Steel Flower Etched Curb Bracelet

Sterling Silver Exotic Skull Ring with CZ Eyes
Damien August (Wilmington, US)

The ring is awesome fitz well looks great album oh, I think this is my third ring I bought from you guys you gave away a free shirt to me and I ordered a 2x or 3x and you gave me a large can you send me a 2X please thank you

Very nic

Like your service, fits my necklave

Stainless Steel Skull Links Bracelet
Louis Goglia (Stockbridge, US)
Clasp Can Be Adjusted

Great bracelet. Just put a slight arc to the clasp that you insert into its holder clasp. It works great. That will keep it secure. Pulling up on clasp is not the fix. Arc the clasp. Try it and you will see what I talking about. Good luck.

Sterling Silver Pink Plumeria Flower Ring
Poliana Antunes (Maringá, BR)
my product hasn't arrived yet.

my product hasn't arrived yet.

Best bracelet ever

I've had two of these bracelets even to this day as I write this and they've been on my wrist and I've never taken them off durability perfect they will last get compliments all the time from everybody even the people that are not bikers

Stainless Steel Skull Pendant
Larry Westermeyer (Superior, US)
Stainless steel bracelet clasp too weak to lock

Stainless steel bracelet clasp made in somewhere???

Badass T-shirt
Scotty Craft (Raymond, US)
T shirt

It was free, and fits perfectly

Stainless Steel Tire Tracks Brown Leather Bracelet
Michael D Holmes (Nashville, US)
Looks okay but broken

The leather is glued into the clasp. Mine came apart trying it on. I’ll get more glue and try to fix it.

Stainless steel thick bracelet

Bracelet clasp is very looooooooose like feathet

Sterling silver death biker big

Love it

Badass Jewelry Freedom Rider Men's Black T-shirt
Juanita Lemarquand (Nanaimo, CA)
Quick and good quality!

We presently surprised at how quickly the items were shipped and delivered! Will definitely order again in the future

Stainless Steel Skull Ring
Delinda Fauley (Las Vegas, US)

It's the perfect size small enough to wear with other rings and shines almost like real diamonds.

Badass T-shirt
robert liuzzo (Lanham, US)

Badass T-shirt

Thickness fit

John Odom (Maryville, US)
Great product and outstanding customer service

When the USPS dropped the ball, customer service stepped up in a big way! Thanks

Sterling Garden Skull Ring Blue CZ Eyes
robert liuzzo (Cleveland, US)


Stainless Steel Wrench Ring
Cindy Savoie (Cambridge, CA)
Perfect fit

True to size. My husband gets tones of compliments from the boys for his ring!

Sterling Silver Multiple Skull Ring
Richard Thornton (Bowling Green, US)
Polished quality

Always great work. Will continue to shop Badass Jewelry for quality and heft.

Sterling Silver Biker Death Skull Ring
John Odom (Knoxville, US)
Badass jewelry customer support

There was a mixup from USPS and Badass Jewelry helped me out tremendously! Outstanding product and great customer service

Stainless Steel Skull Ring
Boyd Beaty (Arlington, US)
Not what I was expecting

This was a replacement for the silver one I recently broke. Craftsmanship is excellent. I love the style. The only thing is that the size, in comparison to the silver ring that I bought 15 or so years ago, is quite drastic. I’m not sure if it’s because of it being stainless steel, as apposed to silver, but I wasn’t expecting a ring almost half the size of my original.

Sterling Silver Skull Ring
Boyd Beaty (Arlington, US)
Money well spent

The weight. The design. The fit. PERFECTION! I wrote this ring every day for over 15 years. I need a size 9, PRONTO!

Praying Reaper Men's Black T-shirt

Great quality designed shirt for an affordable price and quick delivery!!!

Excellent product, even BETTER customer service!!!

The clasp is terrible

This was my absolute favorite bracelet. It has come undone by itself multiple times but somehow I luckily always found it..until now. It's like the circle is a tad too big, allowing the pin to slip right through if you twist your arm just right etc.... this isn't exactly cheap so I'd think you would have done something with the clasp by now from looking at all reviews saying the same thing....😡