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Skull Jewelry

Skull Jewelry

Silver Skull Rings
  • Sizes: 8 to 20
  • Starting at  $78.99
Steel Skull Rings
  • Sizes: 9 to 15
  • Starting at  $49.99
Silver Skull Pendants
Skull Earrings
  • Starting at  $19.99
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Skull Jewelry
Skull Jewelry

Heavy, daring and ostentatious, skull jewelry is not for those who are timid. At Badass Jewelry, we offer a complete range of skull jewelry for those who would dare to flaunt them! Crafted with pure sterling silver from Italy, featuring cubic zirconia and colorful stones, our skull jewelry is among the best that can be found in the market today. Whether you want to flaunt your tough biker attitude, want to shock someone or create a style statement of your own, skull jewelry is definitely the way to go! Sporting skull jewelry is the way to make a statement of power, independence and strength. Perfect for the fearless men and women out there, the skull jewelry by Badass Jewelry will definitely provide you just the kind of radical look that you are looking for.

For Men and Women

At Badass Jewelry we understand that men are not the only ones who are attracted towards the designs of skull jewelry. There are several tough and independent women out there would adore these designs. Our skull jewelry is for men as well as women and the designs that we offer would appeal to both. Some of our skull rings feature fierce, colorful eyes created with inlaid stones so that you can add a touch of color to your jewelry. For women, our jewelry is colorful but bold and toned designs which would fit the personality of women perfectly. We use cubic zirconia for several of our skull jewelry pieces if you want to live life on the edge and want a touch of sparkle to your tough jewelry collection. Live life on the edge with Badass Jewelry�s skull collection.

Skull Jewelry is an Attitude

Badass Jewelry understands that the concept behind skull rings and jewelry is not the look but the attitude. Our collection of pendants, dog tags, bracelets and earrings will provide you the complete look of a tough one that you want. The genre of this jewelry is a great way to add a touch of surprise element to your otherwise dull and drab collection of elegant and normal jewelry. These stylish, bold designs can be seen on almost every rock star, biker and even on a lot of celebrities today which just goes to show how popular these skull designs have become in the last few years. If you are among those who wants a badass image and want to add a touch of color and excitement to your boring life then sporting skull jewelry would be the perfect way to do it.

Skull jewelry stands for your fearlessness. It would be a great way for you to get the kind of awed look you want from others when they get a look at your eye catching, unique jewelry. The quality of all of our skull jewelry pieces is top notch while the prices that we offer are discounted so that you can get more jewelry for your collection with less money. Flaunt your badass attitude with skull jewelry!

Badass Jewelry offers some of the most wicked Silver Skull Jewelry available. Our Skull collection is thick bold, and very high quality. We offer a wide range of Sterling Silver Skull Rings with CZ eyes and inlaid stone designs. There's no better place for Sterling Silver Skull Body Jewelry than Badass Jewelry! We have a lot of stainless steel skull rings for you, sterling skull ring jewelry is the highest priority for