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Sterling Garden Skull Ring Blue CZ Eyes
Retail Price: $244.98
Your Price: $119.99
(89 Reviews)
Sterling Silver Skull Ring - CZ Eye
Retail Price: $242.38
Your Price: $98.99
(44 Reviews)
Sterling Silver Claw Holding Skull Ring
Retail Price: $296.97
Your Price: $98.99
(31 Reviews)
Sterling Silver Garden Skull Ring CZ Eyes
Retail Price: $244.98
Your Price: $119.99
(67 Reviews)
Stainless Steel Pattern Link Bracelet
Retail Price: $164.98
Your Price: $79.99
(17 Reviews)
Men's Stainless Steel Phantom Skull Bracelet
Retail Price: $174.98
Your Price: $69.99
(71 Reviews)
Stainless Steel Dragon Leather Bracelet
Retail Price: $154.97
Your Price: $59.99
(155 Reviews)
Stainless Steel Very Thick Motorcycle Chain Bracelet - 18mm
Retail Price: $229.97
Your Price: $89.99
(153 Reviews)
Badass silver skull rings are stylish and modern. We have all biker jewelry, Sterling skull rings for men. Sterling Steel Skull rings jewelry can make you look better and feel yourself more like a real biker. Skulls rings are made for that.
Welcome to Badass Jewelry, your ultimate store for jewelry that is bold, edgy and totally badass! For those who want to stay away from the tried and tested jewelry options, our online store has the perfect collection of edgy and bold biker jewelry that will come as a surprise to you. If you like wicked and chunky jewelry, Badass Jewelry has an entire collection of rings, bracelets, pendants and just about any other type of jewelry option that you have in mind. The quality of silver we use is pure sterling silver straight from Italy. We also use other trendy and fashionable materials for our jewelry including stainless steel, leather and offer an extensive range of designs that can impress just about anyone. Biker jewelry has been popular for ever with celebrities seen sporting mean skull rings and biker jewelry. Now, Badass Jewelry provides you the chance to bring out the biker in you with our jewelry collection.

Fine Quality and Bold Skull Rings and Pendants

At Badass Jewelry we insist on quality for all of our jewelry pieces. Skulls and crossbones have been one of the most popular symbols for bikers and have been immensely popular. Up until now there had been a common misconception that biker jewelry and skull rings are only popular with men. However, more women can be seen sporting these eye catching designs these days. If you are a tough woman who wants to stay away from the common feminine designs, then our skull rings and pendants would be perfect for you. Men too can find a wide range of skull rings and pendants in sterling silver as well as stainless steel to be fashionable and make an impressive style statement. We offer some of the most amazing designs in badass biker jewelry.

Find a Stunning Range of Jewelry Collection

At Badass Jewelry, you will find a stunning collection of jewelry to suit every mood, every taste and every personality. Our collection of rings is impressive and men as well as women will be able to find their favorite ring design. We also offer a wide range of pendants, dog tags, necklaces, bracelets as well as bike chains so that you can complete your look. Our leather bracelets are made from the finest quality leather and adorned with sterling silver or stainless steel accessories. For those who want to be a little different, want a cost effective but stylish option, our stainless steel jewelry is perfect. Stainless steel offers luster, shine and is absolutely maintenance free which would fit your lifestyle perfectly.

At Badass Jewelry, we offer our customers the kind of variety they would want in jewelry of their choice along with impressive discounted price that is hard to find anywhere else. Our quality is among the finest with good quality sterling silver, stainless steel and leather used along with skilled craftsmanship for all of our jewelry to provide you stunning and fashionable jewelry.