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Pendants have been considered since old times to be one of the most popular types of accessories, being a very flexible jewelry piece, denoting style and a higher social status. Pendants have always signified a symbol of the wearer’s personality, being one of the most customizable types of jewelry, featuring many different styles and designs, varying in shapes and sizes. All of those designs can be found at Badass Jewelry, an online store which provides its clients with a large catalogue of both high quality stainless steel and also highly polished, cheap sterling silver pendants featuring a wide variety of designs, thus suitable for anyone’s personality and style. In the following lines we will feature the different types of pendants you are able to find at our store and also why you should get yourself a pendant especially if you’re a jewelry lover.

Badass Jewelry features a wide variety of cheap pendant styles, all manufactured using either high quality stainless steel or valuable sterling silver, available at advantageous prices, suitable for anyone’s budget. Cheap silver stingray pendants are one of the most popular types of pendants, due to their improved style and touch of uniqueness it brings to the wearer, while also being a very customizable accessory, Badass Jewelry providing only the finest quality stingray pendants, available in many different colors, shapes and sizes, allowing the buyer to choose only the finest accessory according to his own style and personality, all available at very affordable prices.

Cheap leather necklaces are also amongst the most popular types of pendants, due to their added style and uniqueness it brings to the wearer and can also be found at the store, featuring only the highest quality leather, available in many different styles and designs, at very advantageous prices, signifying power and elegance, showing off the wearer’s true style. Pendants have been adopted into many different cultures and social groups, becoming an essential part in every biker’s gear, men motorcycle pendants turning out to be a growing trend amongst jewelry lovers.

Sterling silver charm pendants are another popular category, Badass Jewelry featuring highly polished, cheap silver eagle charm pendants and also men silver dog pendants or silver Celtic charm pendants. Badass Jewelry also features wild and unique designs, suitable for those living their lives on the edge, cheap badass jewelry being widely worn all around the world, our store featuring a wide variety of high quality badass jewelry, available in an abundance of designs and styles, at the cheapest prices. Badass Jewelry features many discount silver pendants, such as cheap sterling silver pendants available in many different styles.

Cheap silver pendants are a great way for anyone to fully express his own style and personality while also being in trend with the latest designs, by wearing a high quality accessory at the cheapest prices. You can find such accessories at Badass Jewelry, a store which features only the highest quality accessories, manufactured using highly polished and shiny metals or fine leather materials, all available at the cheapest prices, thus allowing anyone to choose only the finest accessory according to their own style.

Whether your looking for a pendant shaped like a machine gun, scorpion, or motorbike... we've got it. Want something not so menacing? Badass carries crosses and other symbolic shaped pendants in the Stainless Steel Pendants and Silver Stingray Pendant line. Our latest trendy jewelry combines Silver and Stingray and Silver with Leather to create the finest designs we offer.

Finally, for the real bad-asses we carry a HUGE line of Skull Pendants and Motorcycle Pendants. Be sure to check out our BadAss Pendants Only section for those scorpions and machine gun pendants we mentioned earlier!