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When you think of bracelets, do you think of thin silver chains? Maybe you think of charm bracelets or tennis bracelets. The truth is you don’t have to just think of these things at all. If you want bracelets that fit your own unique, cutting edge style then you’ve come to the right place.


A Little Info on Bracelets

 Bracelets weren’t always considered lovely, delicate fashion accessories. The first bracelet was designed in Egypt more than 7,000 years ago. It was called the Scarab Bracelet and was meant to depict regeneration and was sometimes included with the mummies. You probably wouldn’t want to wear any jewelry carved from scarab beetles today but you can find plenty of other interesting designs that would make you stand out from the crowd.

 And speaking of standing out, some bracelets have been used in parts of Latin America to protect people from the so-called Evil Eye. You might think of it as a jinx put on you by someone who is just a little bit envious of what you have. If that’s something you’re worried about, maybe you can find some interesting bracelets that would show you’re not someone who should be messed with.


The Most Interesting Metal Bracelets

 One of the newest metals being used in bracelets today, especially for men is Tungsten. This metal is definitely ideal for bad ass jewelry, mostly because of its dark gray color – its natural hue, in fact. More importantly this is one metal that isn’t going to back down. It’s tough. It’s so tough that most of the non-jewelry applications involve very high temperatures because it can withstand the heat without being damaged. In jewelry, however, it’s becoming particularly popular with men’s jewelry because it can last a long time and takes a lot of wear and tear without looking any less phenomenal.


Other Popular Choices

 The bottom line is that bracelets don’t have to look delicate to be beautiful. Take some of the stingray leather and sterling silver bracelets. They combine one of the most beautiful metals available on the planet and combine it with this exquisite leather to create a look that is unbelievably unique. You can find them in cuff and link bracelets depending on your preference. Either way, they are definitely not delicate but are gorgeous to look at and will get noticed.

 Men, on the other hand, who want a unique look for their bracelets might want to look at something in a stainless steel. Highly modern and very bad ass, the stainless steel bracelets are sometimes combined with black rubber for contrast and occasionally include etched in designs, including Greek patterns. Some are even designed to look like motorcycle chains – that’s a perfect gift for the Harley enthusiast in your life. Other stainless steel bracelets include stones or engraving areas.

 No matter what tastes in bracelets you have – from bangle to cuff to link or from leather to steel to rubber – you’ll know that you can have high quality jewelry that fits your sense of style, your personality, and your attitude.

Expressing yourself isn't always easy. Whether your looking for a certain crown or skull shape to mark your jewelry, we got it! Men are always looking for something different, which is why we offer Silver "Power" Leather Bracelets. Made with surgical-like precision, your bold statement is guaranteed to be long-lasting just like it should be.

In addition we have a complete line of Silver Stingray Bracelets, Tungsten Carbide Bracelets, and Stainless Steel Bracelets. Stingray bracelets consist of natural stingray, which means each bracelet has a unique tone and color. Tungsten carbide resists corrosion and oxidation better than silver, making it an ideal TOUGH metal that'll stand to virtually anything. Finally our good ole industrial grade stainless steel bracelets have the classic strength a man requires from his tools... and his jewelry is no exception either!