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Silver Skull Pendants

Silver Skull Pendants

Sterling Silver Crucifix Cross Fleury Pendant
Sterling Silver Nail Cross Pendant
Sterling Silver Skull Pendant
Sterling Silver Plain Iron Cross Pendant
Sterling Silver Cracked Head Skull Pendant w/ Triple Skull Bail
Sterling Silver Medieval Cross Pendant
Sterling Silver Electric Guitar Pendant
Sterling Silver Medieval Iron Cross Pendant
Sterling Silver Skull Design Pendant
Sterling Silver Octo Sword Skull Pendant
Sterling Silver Large Medieval Heart Pendant
Sterling Silver Cross Bones Skull Pendant
Sterling Silver Hammer Finish Fleur De Lis Dog Tag
Sterling Silver Tribal Electric Guitar Pendant
Sterling Silver Iron Cross Embossed Skull Pendant
Sterling Silver Small Medieval Heart Pendant
Sterling Silver Winged Skull Pendant
Sterling Silver Cross Bones Number 13 Skull Pendant
Sterling Silver Tribal Skull Pendant w/ CZ Eyes
Sterling Silver Fleur-de-lis Cross Pendant
Sterling Silver 3 Skull Cross Pendant
Sterling Silver POT Weed Marijuana Pendant
Sterling Silver Medieval Cross Pendant
Sterling Silver Antique Cross Pendant
Sterling Silver Hammered Finish Skull Dog Tag
Sterling Silver Cross Key Pendant
Sterling Silver Medieval Simple Cross Pendant
Sterling Silver Dogtag Skull Pendant
Sterling Silver Pirate Design Pendant with Cubic Zirconia
Sterling Silver Pirate Skull Pendant
Stainless Steel Fleur-de-lis Dogtag Pendant
Sterling Silver Movable Jaw Skull Pendant
Sterling Silver Smiling Skull Pendant
Sterling Silver The King Skull Pendant
Sterling Silver Number 1718 Skull Pendant
Sterling Silver Scorpio Iron Cross Design Pendant
Sterling Silver Heart Skull Pendant
Skull Jewelry
Sterling Silver Skull Pendants

Skull jewelry from Badass Jewelry is one of a kind. Our unique store is every bikerís favorite haunt because of the wide range of bold, punk and trendy biker jewelry collection that we offer. Everyone from Johnny Depp and Lindsay Lohan to even Angelina Jolie can be seen flashing skull jewelry today and if you donít want to be left behind, our collection of skull pendants is just the way to get started. This unique fashion phenomenon is for those who like to be different than the herd and want to get noticed for their bold fashion sense. All of our pendants are made from the finest quality sterling silver and are offered at discounted prices.

High Quality Pendants for Men and Women

The skull pendants offered by Badass Jewelry are perfect for men as well as women. These bold, chunky and punk image pendants are for those who donít want to be average next door boy/girl. The tough look that these pendants will immediately transform your look and your personality so that you can have that fashionable biker, gothic look that you always wanted. Skull jewelry isnít for everyone since it is difficult to carry off these pendants in style. If you think you can manage to sport these pendants in style, you can easily pair these beautiful pendants with a simple black necklace or a silver chain. All of our pendants are very high in quality since they are made from anti-tarnish sterling silver. These beautiful pendants will retain their original shine and luster for long and would require minimum cleaning and maintenance.

Find A Wide Range of Pendants

Badass Jewelry has an extensive collection of pendants that will fit into every type of lifestyle and every kind of personal style. Our range in design is stunning where you will find everything from caskets and normal skulls to exotic death skulls, cross skulls, tribal skulls, long hair skulls, scorpions and tigers. No matter what your taste in pendants is, at Badass jewelry you will find the finest collection in pendants. These bold pendants can be slipped onto any chain or necklace of your choice and can be worn around the neck. For those who want to be a little different than the rest, these pendants can also be slipped onto a bracelet to transform it into a badass biker charm bracelet that will be different than anything else you would have ever seen others wearing.

Our skull pendants are made with fine quality silver that is lustrous and naturally strong. For those who like a little tinge to their pendants, some of our designs feature black tinge to add to its badass image. These pendants look fantastic with a leather rope, black string or a simple silver chain. If you like vintage, a few of our pendants designs feature a tarnished vintage look that will provide you the authentic look that you have been looking for. Explore our sterling silver skull pendant collection and choose your badass pendant!