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How to store your silver?

How to store your silver?

How to store your silver?
How you store your silver jewelry plays a big role in how bright it shines. There are many things in the surrounding environment that can tarnish silver jewelry. Surprisingly, air, light, and water diminish jewelry’s shine over time. However, there are many things to prolong natural wear and tear, such as storing your jewelry in separate plastic zip lock bags. Follow the steps below to ensure that your jewelry keeps its shine!

  1. Store jewelry in sturdy cases with soft, lined interiors to avoid impact against hard surfaces and scratching
  2. Place jewelry in soft fabric pouches if no jewelry cases are available
  3. Store jewelry separately to avoid tangles and scratches
  4. Use tarnish-resistant cloth and cases to store silver
  5. Keep your jewelry boxes away from high heat and excessive moisture, which can damage some stones
  6. Consider purchasing a jewelry box with a lock and key for extra security
Some other suggestions:

Buy a tackle box from the fishing section of your local store. Sizes vary from portable (7" x 4") to large depending on the amount of jewelry you have. Most sections are adjustable in size and they are perfect for separating jewelry.

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How to store your silver?